New client crossvertise: online advertisement platform

From December, the established Munich startup crossvertise will enrich WORDUP PR’s customer portfolio. With the world’s first booking technology for all types of advertising, crossvertise GmbH, founded in Munich in 2011, offers companies and agencies the opportunity to compare advertising media easily and quickly and to book directly online. To this end, crossvertise is already bundling approximately 90% of all advertising media available in Germany – from posters, print, radio, online and mobile to cinema and TV – in Germany’s largest media database.

The three founders and managing directors, Matthias Völcker (CEO), Thomas Masek (COO / CFO) and Maximilian Balbach (CTO), were already working on the idea of ​​a cross-media booking platform Principles for future business success. Well-known investors as well as cooperations with major media marketers gave the visionaries the opportunity to pursue and realize their idea further. In the meantime, crossvertise employs nearly 40 people, handles more than 100 campaigns a month, and has increased its sales in the past two financial years.