17. May 2016

DAF-Paccar Group honours outstanding quality of Schlemmer products

The Schlemmer Group has received the DAF-Paccar Group’s Quality Achievement Award for 2015 in recognition of the excellent quality of its products. The technology expert from Upper Bavaria has now won this award no fewer than six times. DAF-Paccar raised the bar significantly in 2015: for the first time, to qualify for the award, a supplier now has to achieve an error rate of no more than 10 PPM (parts per million) for its products and product components. This is a considerable reduction on the previous threshold of 50 PPM.

By presenting the prize, the DAF-Paccar Group – a leading global truck manufacturer – acknowledges the contribution made by its suppliers to the company’s success.

“The DAF-Paccar Quality Achievement Award is a great accolade for the Schlemmer Group,” underlines Josef Minster, CEO of the Schlemmer Group. “It shows how dedicated everyone at Schlemmer is to delivering top-quality products at all times and not only to meeting our customers’ expectations but frequently exceeding them as well.”

Winning the award once again puts the Schlemmer Group on the list of “10 PPM” suppliers for 2015. This can be found on the Paccar website (www.paccar.com) and is also displayed at all Paccar plants.