Scientific Intellectual Property Blog in German

As a PR agency specializing in Intellectual Property (IP), innovation and patents, we know : The IP world speaks almost only English. All the major conferences in this area are held in English, and the media landscape in the print and online sector also uses the world-wide language. Important IP blog such as IP watchdog, or Kluver Patent Blog are indispensable sources of information – but German content is in vain.

With IP for Business, the CEIPI – Center for International Intellectual Property Studies at the University of Strasbourg is now running a German – language blog devoted specifically to the challenges of digitization to modern patent strategies. The developments along the knowledge economy, which are captured with the slogans of digitization, internet of things or industry 4.0, also concern the framework conditions and challenges of the company’s IP management. Regardless of the concept used to describe the current developments in industrialization and globalization, the complexity of IP management is constantly increasing. This inevitably leads to increasing demands on the necessary resources for IP management and its professionalization.

The Master of Intellectual Property Law and Management (MIPLM) program at the Centré d’Etude de Proprieteé Intellectualle (CEIPI)  at the University of Strasbourg has developed over the last ten years as a platform for the exchange of concepts, experiences, best practice and improvements The topic of IP management. The lecturers and speakers come from all over Europe, representing academics as the thinkers of the knowledge economy and the management of intellectual assets. In addition, prominent figures from industry present their experiences and practical approaches to the economic use of intellectual property. The participants come from Europe, America, Africa as well as the Middle East and Asia. Thus, IP For Business has an international focus, although the previous contributions have a strong focus on the IP scene in Germany.