Media Training: How to handle journalists

German Minister of Economic Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, always likes to think about how you should not do it! Whether Marietta Slomka or Bettina Schausten as a counterpart – if the minister is not in a good mood, then he likes to fight in front of the camera with his media conversation partners. This may well be an ego at the moment, but the public perception is rarely useful, because journalists as well as spectators want to be professionally active politicians or company representatives.

In September, WORDUP PR Managing Director Achim von Michel trained the entire management team of the Global Player Schlemmer Group (CEO, CFO and Head of the three Business Units),to the right extent with media representatives. “Take the time to turn off your mobile phone and take the position of a service provider,” Achim von Michel recommended to the attendees, because he knows from experience: “Journalists are trained interlocutors and in their research for information and quotations they are very focused on their counterparts. ” Tips and tricks for professional and personal preparation as well as practical insights into the work of newspaper and trade journals, completed the workshop and prepared the participants for imminent, direct media contacts.

With an active interview and camera training the training is to be continued in the upcoming year.

Photo credits: Petra Bork,