Responsible for Guiding Company Through High-Growth Period and Market Shift to High-Volume Patent Translations for Multi-National Enterprises

MultiLing, a translation services provider specializing in intellectual property (IP) and technical materials translations for multi-national enterprises, today announced the appointment of Lyle Ball as chief operating officer. With nearly 20 years of experience managing or consulting high-tech and clean-energy companies, Ball has spent the past six months strategically advising MultiLing on high-growth strategies related to its market shift to IP translations. Enterprise clients spend up to $4 million per year for MultiLing’s high-end translation services.

“In only a few short months of consulting, Lyle’s highly strategic business acumen, strong drive and outside perspective helped transform MultiLing into a stronger company, more focused on meeting the evolving needs of multi-national enterprises demanding accurate, highly specialized and secure patent translations, ” said Michael Sneddon, CEO, MultiLing. “I’m confident that as a full-time member of our executive team, with an expanded set of responsibilities, Lyle will take MultiLing to an even greater level of success.”

As chief operating officer, Ball will be responsible for more than 200 employees in seven country offices and more than 1,000 highly skilled contractors across more than 80 languages. He is responsible to ensure client satisfaction that exceeds the stringent quality requirements of multi-national enterprises such as Dell, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, TYCO, Münchener Rück, LSI Corporation and Promise Technology.

Through his years of experience, Ball has conducted substantial international business across Europe and Asia and managed staff operations in eight countries. In addition to advising high tech companies at various stages of development, Ball has served as:

• Vice president of marketing at Bungee Labs, where he coined the phrase “platform-as-a-service” and drove market awareness of this early Web 2.0 company’s disruptive application development and hosting technologies. He developed Bungee’s strong partnerships with Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and Microsoft, and co-developed the Open Source Business Conference.

• Interim Director of Operations for AccessData, a leading data forensics company serving the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security.

• Co-founder of Caldera and Lineo, sister companies that introduced Linux to the networking and embedded systems markets in the mid-1990s. While there, he significantly contributed to the industry’s early understanding of how to deliver and monetize commercially viable open source solutions. He served as spokesman for the Caldera v. Microsoft antitrust claim, which fueled the U.S. Government’s investigation of Microsoft’ s anti-competitive practices, and gained Caldera global brand recognition as a leader in the open source business arena.

“MultiLing’s innovative centralized translation model, exciting client base, automating technology, global presence, and potential for tremendous growth was enough to entice me to join the company on a full-time basis,” Ball said. “This new challenge combines a high-growth service company with advanced technology platforms, which demands my aggressive, yet disciplined approach, across key facets of multi-national business – operations, marketing, business development and management.”