MultiLing continues remarkable growth

MultiLing Corp., an international translation service provider, today announced a 28.1 percent increase in sales revenue since 2010. The growth is based primarily on increasing demand for patent and IP translation and MultiLing’s new branch in China.

“Over the past few years, we have seen a consistent increase in the number of translation orders, specifically in the areas of patent and IT translations,” said Michael Sneddon, CEO, MultiLing. “In addition, our new subsidiary near Beijing, China, has allowed us to access another major market of growth for our company. Together with our subsidiaries already located in Korea and Japan, we now have a strong presence throughout the Asian market.”

Among the growing number of high-revenue corporate clients added over the past two years are several small and medium enterprises, which are requesting MultiLing’s services more frequently due to increasing global business needs that require publication grade translation and localization.

For instance, the translation of websites is a large area of growth in the translation industry as companies become more global and attempt to reach their target audience in their native language. Having a staff that understands SEO, meta tags and HTML gives MultiLing an advantage over other translation companies.

The steady growth at MultiLing has also resulted in a need for more employee office space. Over the next three months, MultiLing management and employees will relocate to a new office building, also in Provo, Utah, which will provide approximately 50 percent more space than the current location.