In today’s business world, it is increasingly important for recent college graduates to be engaged in and aware of the global business climate. To help globally minded college students, the MultiLing Foundation has chosen Utah Valley University as the recipient of a scholarship fund of $2,000. One of the scholarship’s requirements includes writing an essay explaining how the student is planning on engaging in today’s global economy.

The Foundation’s primary sponsor is the Provo-based language services and technology company MultiLing Corporation, an international company with offices and employees across the globe. Through the Foundation, MultiLing is dedicated to giving back to the community and helping students connect to the rest of the world. By establishing the Foundation and starting this scholarship program, MultiLing wants to help qualified students reach their education goals as well as prepare them to compete in a global market.

“Not only do we help students, but we also help the businesses in our communities who will need well educated and prepared future managers and leaders,” said Michael Sneddon, MultiLing’s president. “Through its own impressive growth, Utah Valley University has demonstrated its commitment to create the best programs and gather the best faculty to educate our upcoming generation of leaders and to provide companies with the talent they will need to effectively compete in the global arena. Therefore, we are proud to partner with UVU in the pursuit of this goal.”