Unique Translation & Patent Filing Model, Now Available from New Website, Improves Quality, Cost and On-Time Delivery of Intellectual Property (IP) Filings for Multi-National Enterprises

Provo, Utah, May 31, 2012—With 70 percent of its business now coming from patent translation and more than 120 million words translated in 2011 from Fortune 100 clients alone, MultiLing has noted a steep increase in the number of enterprises spending millions of dollars per year on intellectual property (IP) translations. As a result, the company today released its new multilingual website to better serve major enterprises with translation and patent filing operations teams in more than 50 languages. Now, enterprise and their in-country legal teams can better leverage MultiLing’s unique centralized translation and patent filing model, designed to reduce risk and costs through the on-time delivery of high-quality multi-national intellectual property (IP) filings.

As the new website describes, the five elements of MultiLing’s model for both IP translations and technical materials include:

● Highly specialized teams (“human capital”)
● Terminology management
● Quality control
● Proprietary technology
● Centralized processes

“These five elements are proving critical for today’s multi-national enterprises, especially when so many are consolidating patent work to fewer law firms,” said Michael Sneddon, CEO, MultiLing. “This market shift is forcing fewer law firms to oversee a larger number of disconnected, in-country translation service providers, which often leads to increased errors, risks and costs. For more than 20 years, MultiLing has evolved its model to produce the industry’s most accurate, highly specialized and secure patent translations, which are now more readily available to multi-national enterprises via our new website and tools.”

More on MultiLing’s Unique Centralized Model

While MultiLing has long followed the five-element centralized model, the sharp increase in market demand by multi-national enterprises drove the company to update its website technology and messaging to articulate how it works specifically for IP translations and technical materials. In the IP translation space, for example, enterprise and in-country legal teams receive:

● Highly specialized human capital, who are all native speakers working in their home countries. They are intimately familiar with both the language and technical nature of the patent and the filing requirements of each individual country.
● Terminology management, which safeguards the consistent use of predefined terminology that is specific to an enterprise’s internal vernacular as well as that of their target industries, geographies and filing process.
● Rigorous and redundant quality controls carried out by both proprietary technology and skilled team members at multiple steps in the translation process. In addition, MultiLing is globally certified with the European translation standard EN 15038.
● In-house technologies developed since 1988 to best meet the translation and project management needs of global enterprises and their multi-national vendors.
● A centralized process that, unlike other translation services, includes the vital elements outlined above. As a result, when they work with MultiLing, these legal teams no longer suffer from the same issues faced by enterprises that have never used a centralized translation model before. With MultiLing, they receive high quality translations with reduced human errors and inconsistencies, lower costs and increased productivity.

In addition to patent translation, MultiLing delivers accurate, highly specialized and secure translations of highly technical materials in the world’s most demanding industries: information technology, chemicals, medical/pharmaceuticals, automotive and other mechanical systems. Other updates to the company’s branding¬–designed to better address these specialized markets—include evolution of the company’s logo and an enhanced social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About MultiLing
Founded in 1988, MultiLing specializes in translating for the patent, IT, chemical, medical technology, biotechnology and automotive industries. Current clients include many Fortune 500 companies such as Dell, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, TYCO, Münchener Rück, LSI Corporation and Promise Technology. For more information see MultiLing’s website at