MultiLing sponsors LINPORT translation packaging standard

MultiLing, a translation services provider specializing in intellectual property (IP) and technical materials translations for multi-national enterprises, today announced it is sponsoring the Linport translation packaging standard. Linport – the Language Interoperability Portfolio Project – is an open, vendor-independent format that can be implemented by many different translation tools to package translation materials. With a large cash donation, a percentage of marketing support and ongoing input to help define the standard, MultiLing is helping to bring the standard to market to improve communications among parties involved in translations and help eliminate the extra, administrative costs of packaging and converting translation projects.

“During a typical translation project, too much is spent on tasks other than translations, including handling files, communicating, converting formats, resolving questions, etc.,” said Jeremy Coombs, vice president of operations management, MultiLing. “Being able to send a tool-independent package is one of the biggest advances the translation industry needs and it’s something that no one or no organization has actually addressed until this point.”

The Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission; the Brigham Young University Translation Research Group, and Interoperability Now! are collaborating to define the Linport project to form a single industry standard, with ongoing support from the GALA Standards Initiative. Linport combines two important functions: a standard container architecture for translatable data and metadata about translation requirements. Together, these two components ensure that translatable materials and their translations are delivered in a tool-independent format that includes the business data needed so that translations match customer requirements.

“MultiLing’s support came at a time when we needed it most,” said Alan K. Melby, the director of BYU’s Translation Research Group and a member of the board of directors of the American Translators Association. “Creating a standard that will benefit the entire industry can be costly, so MultiLing’s donation will pay for various requirements, including funding ongoing development of reference software, the continued updating and renewal of the Linport website, and other incidental expenses to keep the operation going.”

The Linport Project, which is hosted by LTAC Global, has an unrestrictive membership policy, meaning participation is open to all with no required membership fee. Members can join the discussion on the mailing list and come to Linport events. In addition to MultiLing, tool vendors such as Multicorpora, Lingotek and Terminotix, and content owners such as Hewlett Packard, are also supporting Linport. Other companies can get involved in defining – and eventually implementing – the standard by contacting or visiting