WORDUP PR Agency specializes in internal and external communication with a strong focus on “German Mittelstand” (SME). We are your external PR department or support your communications staff with specific services. Re-structuring of communication processes in large organisations is also one of our proven skills.

In Business: 23 years

Consulted Clients: 90

Longest consultancy: 8 years

WORDUP PR sees itself as a strategic communication consultancy. Together with our clients, we establish clear communication targets and implement them step by step through coordinated measures. This creates a holistic perception that best reflects our customers to the public.

Anchored in the "German Mittelstand"

As spokesman for the Bavarian BVMW association, WORDUP PR Manager Achim von Michel (click for bio) is active in the PR for small and medium sized enterprises since 2007 – whether television, radio, newspaper interviews and online. Also political lobbying at national and international levels is one of this his duties. Best conditions for successful PR communication for SME.


As an established public relations agency, the professional codes of the Code de Lisbonne are valid for us, in Germany represented by the respective association organizations (DPRG, DRPR), as well as the press code of the German Presserat.

In cooperation with our customers, we have imposed three central self-commitments, with which we embed all assignments into a sustainable value context:

  • trust
  • respect
  • transparency

We look forward to working with you to define the value base of our cooperation.


  • Press and Public Relations for daily and special interest media according to journalistic standards (creating and placing press releases and articles, establishing and maintaining editorial contacts , planning and implementing editorial visits and press conferences etc. )
  • Internet PR for online media , opinion leaders , blogs and social networks ( developing and maintaining social media distribution , designing and implementing internet strategies)
  • Lobbying in the Bavarian , German and European political environment as well as in association networks (especially in small and medium-sized clobbying organisations (SME)
  • Writing and producing publications, brochures , corporate magazines etc. Targeted support of internal communication projects ( copywriting for intranet and corporate publications, communication training )
  • Conducting audits and evaluations as well as complete re-organizations of communication processes and departments within companies
  • Website localization and copywriting, search engine optimization
  • Conception and organization of congresses, receptions and other public events



Logo mittelstandinbayern.de


Since 2012 our online magazine for SME mittelstandinbayern.de covers latest developments and news in the german mittelstand. You find more than 1.000 articles online. Would you like to publish your own content in our magazine? Please contact us.


Achim von Michel, Juni 2017

We conduct inhouse and offsite seminars and workshops to train management and communication staff in media relations. Internal structuring of processes, general understanding of the media and special training for media appearance and interview trainings are some of the topics we cover. We will be happy to develop a customized workshop for your company or organisation. Just get in touch with us and tell us your demands. Some examples:

Seminar for McKinsey

Seminar for Munich University

Seminar for Schlemmer Group

Basics Press Relations

  • Advertisement and Press Relations compared
  • Actors of Press Relations
  • How media processes work
  • How are journalists thinking
  • Typical media production processes
  • Media theory 1 (communication models)
  • Journalistic  forms of presentation
  • Core messaging: boiler plate (exercise)
  • Media therory 2 (news factors)
  • Structure of a professional press release
  • Writing a press release (exercise)
  • Distribution of News  / Social Media
  • Pitching
  • Other forms of professional media communication
  • Storytelling
  • Copyright law
  • Working with an external agency
  • Journalistic terms

Duration: 4-6 hours, including video examples and practical exercises

Press Relations for executives

  • Advertisement and Press Relations compared
  • What journalists are thinking
  • How journalists are working
  • Typical media workflows
  • Media theory (communication models, news factors)
  • Roles, tasks and challenges of corporate communication
  • Interview (DO, DON’T, camera training on demand)
  • Regular communication and crisis communication
  • Agenda Setting
  • Copyright law
  • Journalistic terms

Duration: 3-5 hours, including video examples and practical exercises