23. June 2016

Schlemmer China receives technology award from Delphi Automotive

Ningbo Schlemmer Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. has once again received a Technology Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence from Delphi Automotive. The award recognized Ningbo Schlemmer’s ability to focus creative resources and help Delphi deliver globally relevant solutions that capitalize on the megatrends of safe, green and connected.

Jianxiong Hu, who has been General Manager of Ningbo Schlemmer for twelve years, accepted the award on behalf of the team of over 1,000 people who work at Schlemmer’s eight plants in China. The Delphi Pinnacle Awards have been presented annually since 2004, and the Technology award for 2015 went to a total of five automotive suppliers. This is now the third time that the Schlemmer Group has received a Delphi Pinnacle Award, having previously won in 2009 and 2014.

“The Pinnacle Award is a great honour for the Schlemmer Group and shows that we are reaping the rewards of our efforts to help our customers as a reliable technology partner for developing innovative solutions,” says Josef Minster, CEO of the Schlemmer Group.

“Delphi values its strategic partners as they share our passion for excellence and innovation,” emphasises Sidney Johnson, Senior Vice President of Delphi Supply Chain Management. “Whenever innovation and outstanding cooperation converge, this leads to excellent results that we truly appreciate. That is why we are very pleased to give Ningbo Schlemmer this award for its part in helping Delphi to deliver an even better service to its customers in 2015.”