15. October 2014

Schlemmer ecotech predicts continued strong growth

With targeted product refinements and innovative product processes, the Schlemmer Group continues to show strong growth in the field of swimming pool accessories (Schlemmer ecotech). After sales more than doubled last season in both traditional swimming pool tubes and the innovative swimming pool heating system “Polyflex Sunny”, division manager Roland Meissner is aiming for growth primarily in the industrial market segment for this coming season. “We have recently adapted the design of our swimming pool tubes to also ideally meet the needs of industrial customers. The tubes are now UV-resistant, and thanks to their black colour, they have an additional solar effect,” said Meissner. Schlemmer’s swimming pool tubes connect a pool to its sand filter unit, bottom cleaner and surface skimmer; moreover, they are used for other connections in the pool industry.

The innovative swimming pool heating system “Polyflex Sunny” is also experiencing continued success. The very light, 85 by 100-centimetre modules in the shape of a hexagon supply enough energy to fully heat small pools. Their black colour and the optimum arrangement of the tube system inside the hexagon allow the pool water to be heated by means of solar radiation and then flow back into the water circulation. This so far primarily for private use developed system supplies some 360 watts in power and so enables small pools to reach bathing temperature entirely without electricity and CO2 emissions. In the winter months, the maintenance-free system can simply be dismantled and stored in a space-saving manner. “Schlemmer is continually refining this product too. We are confident of being able to offer an additional solution for larger pools in the upcoming season,” said Josef Minster, Schlemmer Group CEO. He recently announced that the Group intends to double its total revenue by 2020 as part of the global corporate strategy.

Schlemmer sells its swimming pool products mainly over the internet. To this end, a strategic partnership with the company Kalitec was concluded in 2012. Based in Solingen, Germany, Kalitec primarily sells cable lugs and electrical connectors via the online shop kabelschuheshop.de. Kalitec CEO Kai Lindemann is convinced that the swimming pool accessory business will continue to grow in his shop: “We added the ‘Polyflex Sunny’ pool heating system to our range only last year and already we are selling the product all across Europe.

To ensure being best equipped to meet short-term order volume peaks, Schlemmer’s one of a kind mobile factory can be integrated in the production process wherever needed. Housed in a special container, the wholly self-functioning extrusion plant is loaded onto a lorry, meaning it can produce goods anytime, anywhere. Production-ready within two to three hours, it requires no more than two employees for operation. For an average corrugated tube with a production of 22 metres a minute, the output is up to just over 21,000 metres in one shift – in three-shift operation up to 62,000 metres a day. “Using the mobile factory naturally has an impact on the products’ prices, as the on site production in Solingen saves transportation of the corrugated tubes over long distances. In combination with the also highly cost-effective sales channel of our online shop, we are able to offer extremely competitive prices for all Schlemmer swimming pool accessory products,” added Kai Lindemann. The impressive logistical innovation that the mobile factory represents has also been recognised by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), who presented Schlemmer with the Award for Logistics in 2012.