4. July 2016

Schlemmer Group conquers the Indian market

By opening Schlemmer Technology India, the global technology specialist has increased its total number of production sites worldwide to 25.


Schlemmer India General Manager
Schlemmer Manager Indien Jayaraman Thiruvasagam (left) and Tajun Rajani

Since 1 July, the Indian Union Territory of Puducherry has now been the location of the newly founded company, Schlemmer Technology India, which has been created by the acquisition of the two local companies, Tubicor and Tubecraft. This means that the Schlemmer Group is now represented on one of the most densely populated and largest growth markets in the world with two of its own production sites.


“With the opening of Schlemmer Technology India, we are once again expanding our global footprint. Schlemmer is now represented in all four BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, China) with its own sites and so we have our finger directly on the pulse of the next, upcoming global markets,” explained Josef Minster, who has consistently driven forward the internationalisation of the Schlemmer Group as CEO since 1999. “We recognized the enormous potential of this region some time ago, but were previously only serving the market from Dubai. However, lots of our customers demand a local presence, which we are now able to guarantee for them.”

The core activities of the company’s operations in India will also include the production of corrugated tubes and highly specialised plastic parts with the injection moulding process, and operations will start in April. “In line with our corporate strategy, we are focussing not only on our customers in the Automotive sector, but will also be producing for manufacturers of white goods and medical technology companies, among others, in our Appliances division,” added Mr Minster.

So far, approx. 18 million metres of corrugated tubes have been produced each year in the two production plants. It is planned to invest in two injection-moulding systems this year already, and this will be followed in 2017 with the installation of state-of-the-art extrusion lines to increase the production capacity even further. All the relevant certifications (ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AIS 026 / 028) have already been awarded.

As a vision for the territorial state, the Schlemmer CEO, Mr Minster, can already envisage two further production sites: “India is one of the 10 largest countries in the world. So we plan to gain a foothold in the West of the country in 2018 or 2019, and then also in the North two years later.”