6. June 2014

Schlemmer Group posts its best results yet

Sales, annual net income and equity ratio all significantly higher than last year

The Schlemmer Group in Poing near Munich has posted its best results since the company was founded in its annual report published today. Sales rose by roughly € 35 million to € 240 million – the highest turnover to be achieved by the Schlemmer Group in a single fiscal year. At € 15 million, annual net income, too, was higher than ever, while the equity capital of the Schlemmer Group has also continued to grow – the current annual report shows a ratio of about 34 per cent.

Josef Minster, CEO of the Schlemmer Group and CFO Christian von der Linde are more than happy with the results. “Roughly 75% of the Schlemmer Group sales were generated in the automotive sector, with industrial manufacturing accounting for the remaining 25%. We made significant gains in all sectors in the past year. Our target of achieving sales of € 200 million by 2015 has thus been reached two years earlier than planned,” says CFO von der Linde.

About two thirds of turnover was generated in European countries, while the remainder was achieved in Asia and South, Central and North America. “In Asia, the Chinese market, which is currently enjoying annual growth rates of more than 30 per cent, particularly contributed to our great results. However, Europe continues to offer growth potential. The Russian market is growing in similar dimensions,” explains CEO Josef Minster. “Given the rather disappointing growth in the global economy of only 1 per cent in 2013, we can say that Schlemmer has positioned itself at the epicentre of the world’s current growth markets thanks to its consistent globalisation strategy.”

In light of this success, the objectives of company management continue to be ambitious and growth-oriented. “Stability and company success are based on strong convictions and clearly defined principles in the Schlemmer Group. 60 years old this year, the Schlemmer has become a well structured, solvent and liquid company as well as one that is optimally equipped for the future. On the basis of this solid foundation, we have formulated new objectives: we intend to double sales to € 400 million by the year 2020 and increase the number of employees from the current figure of 2,000 to roughly 3,000,” emphasises Minster.

Over the next years, the Schlemmer Group will therefore be implementing a range of central projects that were recently defined in the ONE SPIRIT 2020 roadmap. This means that investment in research and development will need to be tripled in the coming years. Further company acquisitions and opening new sites abroad will help to further strengthen the technological leadership and market presence of the Schlemmer Group.

HR development is an area the Schlemmer management wants to primarily focus on at all sites around the world: “Schlemmer intends to realise its guiding principle by building up its workforce. Schlemmer is already regarded as a very attractive employer due to its bonus and contribution schemes and its high social responsibility. Our goal is to solidify our reputation as the TOP employer and training company for people in the region and for talented young recruits abroad,” emphasises Minster.

Minster explains how the employees of the Schlemmer Group are profiting from the current company success: “Our workforce directly benefits from the success of the company thanks to our employee contribution programme. As the company’s annual plan for the fiscal year 2013 has been achieved, employees receive a percentage of their annual salary as a performance bonus in addition to their regular salaries. In addition, they also receive a performance-based lump-sum payment, which is based on ten percent of the figure that was generated above the annual planning for the fiscal year 2013 and is distributed and paid out among the employees on a proportional basis.”