Residential Building: WORDUP PR advises Dynahaus

Since April, WORDUP PR has been advising the Krieger + Schramm Bauunternehmung, headquartered in Dingelstädt (( Residential building construction and energy efficiency are the central themes of the medium-sized traditional company with around 100 employees, which has already been successfully operating on the market since 1992 and has so far been particularly noticeable in the Hessian region through innovative construction projects. Krieger + Schramm hosted the realization of the Dynahaus, a state-of-the-art energy storage plus house (( A Dynahaus produces more energy than a family of four on average consumed in the year, this was scientifically confirmed by the TU Munich in an extensive long-term study. Further partners in the project, which has already been realized in the form of model houses in Lohfelden near Kassel and Hallbergmoos near Munich, are the University of Kassel, BMW Group, SMA, Stiebel Eltron, IBHauser and Apollon Solar.

In addition to the presentation of the research results of the Dynahaus project, a special highlight of the PR support will also be the personal consultation of Managing Director Matthias Krieger in the field of public performances. Matthias Krieger, a former professional sportsman and his company has already won several awards for the best employer of the year, is the author of numerous books on corporate succession and motivation. He regularly impresses with great events as a leading lecture speaker ( The proceeds from his lecture events will benefit the Dagmar + Matthias Krieger Foundation, which supports projects in the field of sport, culture and education for young people (