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22. January 2024

Eventful times need eventful PR content

At the beginning of 2024, WORDUP is presenting a careful website refresh. In particular, the agency presentation was summarized clearly and quickly in the form of a “one pager” on the homepage. In addition, dynamic elements and a fresh layout remake make the presentation of the PR agency in Munich fit for the ever-faster and currently very turbulent times.

With several long-standing customers and some new customers, WORDUP is starting the year 2024 confidently, which also marks the thirtieth anniversary of the agency name. “The name WORDUP came about in 1994 during a stay in France – a graffiti on a substation in the countryside inspired me to come up with the agency name, and of course the world hit of the same name by Cameo (can be heard HERE, by the way) was still on the radio at the time. Playlists,” explains managing director Achim von Michel. “But you can only speak of WORDUP as a PR agency since 1999, so we are celebrating our 25th company anniversary this year.”