SHS Viveon PR agency munich

Home office or no home office? The new hybrid work model featured in DIE ZEIT

Our customer SHS Viveon implements a new hybrid dynamic model and thus takes its step into the future of work.

PR Agency Munich DT01

New client DT01: When cultural establishments lose their place

The consultation of the Dance School at the German Theater (DT01) by the Munich PR agency WORDUP begins with a forced move out of their current location.

TWS Partners Deutscher Mittelstand Die Welt

How the pandemic challenges SMEs

In the cover story in "Deutscher Mittelstand", our client TWS Partners explains the lessons to be learned from the pandemic for SMEs.

PR Agency Munich Financial Services

Fulminant PR start for SHS Viveon

Since the beginning of the year, the Munich PR agency WORDUP has been advising the listed SHS Viveon AG. The press work has already achieved impressive results.

Innovation IP Management PR Agency

Patent protection for vaccines: intellectual property rights remain important

In the current debate on the removal of patent protection for Corona vaccines, proponents of releasing the vaccine patents are arguing with opponents.

Marcus Schreiber and Dr. Sebastian Moritz, TWS Partners AG

The game theory in FORBES magazine

WORDUP has been advising Munich-based TWS Partners AG - the European market leader in the field of applied game theory - since 2019. Whether prisoner's dilemma or "chicken game", TWS Partners makes theoretical, economic considerations manageable and practical.

IAA 2021 Public Relations Agentur

IAA 2021 goes Munich

It looks as if the major German automobile manufacturers have successfully tackled the urgent decisions. So good conditions for the IAA 2021 in Munich.

Fintech PR Agency: New client SHS Viveon AG

New customer from the FinTech market: SHS Viveon AG

The Munich PR agency WORDUP has been advising a listed company again since January. SHS Viveon has set itself the task of significantly simplifying the management of financial and regulatory risks in companies.

owner-managed PR agency in Munich

Owner-managed PR agencies are not being phased out

In a current article on iBusiness, well-known agency owners and decision-makers from network agencies answer questions when it comes to comparing the advantages of small, owner-managed agencies and larger networks.

Audio Content will give new impulses for Public Relations work

And the winner is: Audio!

The current hype about the CLUBHOUSE social app is only the preliminary result of a steady development: audio content is the new “big thing” on the Internet.