Mitarbeiter recruiting unterstützung

New mandate: Contemporary recruiting with targeted communication

WORDUP is starting a communication consultancy in the area of ​​employee recruitment and retention for a medium-sized company from Munich.

Cameo Plattencover word up

Eventful times need eventful PR content

At the beginning of 2024, WORDUP is presenting a careful website refresh. The company anniversary also falls in the new year.

Logo Klima LMU

Insights of the Munich Climate School 2023

Over 30 lectures and workshops in more than 40 hours: this was the offer of the five-day Munich Climate School by the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

mittelstand magazin MIB

MIB honored with German Business Award

The online magazine (MIB) has won the German Business Award: “Best Regional & National Independent Business News Platform 2023”.

Verlagsbeilage Handelsblatt: Wir sind die deutsche Wirtschaft

Handelsblatt supplement: “We are the German economy”

"We are the German economy": medium-sized businesses and industry address the public with a comprehensive publishing supplement in the Handelsblatt

Innovation Magazin Fit4IP Online Magazin Logo

New innovation management magazine fit4IP launched

At the end of August, fit4IP, a new online magazine, was launched, which is aimed at entrepreneurs and anyone interested in intellectual property ("IP") and innovation management.

Politik ist ein fester Bestandteil aller Social Media Kanäle

Expert analysis: social media and political communication

Parties and politicians have long since discovered social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like. WORDUP Managing Director Achim von Michel recently analyzed the social media appearances of Bavarian politicians for the Straubinger Tagblatt.

Sutainability ESG PR agency

After the LkSG is before European supply chain law

In January 2023, the Supply Chain Act (LkSG) came into force in Germany. Our customer SHS Viveon AG (listed company) is an expert in this topic and offers efficient solutions.

communication agency sustainability Digital Recruiting

Certified: Digital Recruiting & Sustainability

In the period from May to July, the five-person seminar group received valuable specialist knowledge on recruiting skilled workers, retaining employees in the company and on sustainable corporate positioning in the three blocks of “Employer Branding”, “Operative Recruiting” and “Sustainability”.

LinkedIn rules 2023

What it now takes to be successful on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has changed its algorithm. From now on, quality comes before quantity. If you regularly post on LinkedIn and want to be seen doing so, you should adapt your posts to the requirements of the new algorithm.