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“Regardless of age or gender, consumers see, hear and read more of everything – whether it’s classic television or video streaming, whether it’s print or podcasts.”

Successful communication: Our PR work creates outstanding content and a public presence that your customers and stakeholders simply can not escape. WORDUP PR Agency Munich is your partner for Public Relations consulting.


We make the appropriate media selection for you and design an effective dialogue in the German leading media and in the specialist press, both print and digital. Political PR, social media communication and event PR are also among our fields of activity: We design and organize high-class events for your launches and stakeholder events – virtual and in real live.


We successfully communicate PR messages: whether for fintech or other digitization solutions, technology topics in the automotive or aerospace sector, innovative products for SMEs or start-up environments, or social and social projects.


Whether in Munich, nationwide or as part of international market entries in the D / A / CH region – we have the solutions with which you are guaranteed to reach your customers at the right time: in digital space, in classic publications and in real worlds of experience.

strategic communications


Strong conceptual approaches

print media coverage


Leading media in focus

online press coverage


More visibility in the web

political lobbying


Dialogue with all stakeholders


“WORDUP PR supported us excellently in external communication with investors and the interested public in a time of active realignment of our listed Blue Cap AG.”
Vera Uhle, Head of Operations & Communication, Blue Cap AG

“WORDUP PR helps us a lot to introduce some of our different aviation services to the German-speaking markets with media publications in general and special interest media.”
Vilma Vaitiekunaite, Skycop / Avia Solutions Group, Vilnius/ Cyprus

“We would like to thank WORDUP for several years of splendid co-operation within our innovation award DIESEL MEDAL.”
The Board of Directors, German Institute for Innovation

“As a USA-based IP technology company, we wanted to be visible in the german market by extensive media coverage and high class events. WORDUP PR supports us tremendously in reaching this goal for several years now.”
Tony Catinella, Public Relations Manager, Anaqua Boston

“Regarding media reach WORDUP PR has exceeded our expectations during our Payconiq launch in Germany by far.”
Max van Riel, Marketing Manager, Payconiq


Achim von Michel ZDF heute Interview

Integrated political and media campaign: #redalert for event organizers

Hardly any other industry is suffering as much from the consequences of the corona crisis as the event industry. In the past few weeks, WORDUP PR has developed an integrated political and media campaign to focus more on this important economic segment.

automotive industry changes - game theory can help to master these challenges

Quo Vadis automotive industry

The automotive industry is facing massive challenges. Our customer TWS Partners AG from Munich - Europe-wide leading expert in the field of the economic application of game theory - approaches the topic in a current article in the renowned industry magazine Automobil Industrie.

Interview with professor dr. Monika Schnitzer (LMU Munich)

Interview with economics Professor Dr. Monika Schnitzer

In the middle of the corona crisis, Achim von Michel discussed in a web seminar with Prof. Dr. Monika Schnitzer from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

Ulrike Protzer: Aufnahme durch Eckert / Heddergott

Science communication: Interview with Bavaria’s top virologist

Complex topics must be clearly communicated: In an exclusive webinar, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Protzer (TU Munich) answered current questions about the status of the corona pandemic in Bavaria.

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