Change your communication from Push to Pull. Our efficient PR consultancy approach creates an image and media presence that your customers simply can not escape. WORDUP PR Agency Munich Berlin  is a very experienced and successful Public Relations service provider. Our work is based on established journalistic standards, we make the right choice of media for you and target suitable media representatives in leading media and industry publications in an effective manner. This is how we communicate in a precise and credible way with your target groups and generate active interest in you by using the sophisticated PR “Pull” strategy.


We successfully place topics for all of your target groups: whether for disruptive Fintech or other digitalization solutions, online platforms for consumers, enterprise application applications for the Intellectual Property or the IT Tech industry, innovative startup solutions or exciting social and social projects. In more than 100 PR consultations, we have already given many topics in various industries an effective and sustainable platform.


We advise our clients in all areas of media communication with a strong focus on print, broadcasting (TV & radio) and online press relations. If your field of influence includes politics, associations and other interest groups, then we offer comprehensive PR solutions for this purpose. Of course, we also have a close eye on social media channels and blogger activities that affect your visibility. According to the overall communication strategy, we also design and organize high-class events for your launches and stakeholder dialogues. This is how we offer excellent PR for your entire ecosystem from a single source.


Whether for customers from Munich or Berlin, at a national or as well on an international level – especially PR market entries to Germany and the D/A/CH region – we are your PR agency for advanced Public Relations consultancy that changes your communication as you need it: from Push to Pull.


Strong conceptual approaches


Leading media in focus


More visibility in the web


Dialogue with all stakeholders



Neschen Coating Messe PR FESPA 2019

Neschen Coating presents new products at Print Expo FESPA

On behalf of Neschen Coating GmbH, a medium-sized niche player from Bückeburg (Lower Saxony) with 130 years of company history, WORDUP PR accompanies the press relations for the Global Print Expo FESPA in Munich this year.

Delegationsreise zur Air Convention 2019 in Vilnius

Aviation delegation for new customer Avia Solutions Group

On behalf of the Lithuanian company Avia Solutions Group, WORDUP PR is currently organizing an exclusive trip for entrepreneurs and journalists to the Air Convention in Vilnius in September.

Brexit Patente Marken

Exclusive Patent and Trademark event in Paris

On behalf of its client ANAQUA, WORDUP PR is currently organizing an exclusive event on the impact of BREXIT on intellectual property and brand management.

Blue Cap AG Finanzierung Mitteltstand

Blue Cap AG: Coverage for the growth financer in “German Mittelstand”

For the first time with the Munich-based Blue Cap AG, WORDUP PR has been consulting a capital-listed company.

PR Agentur Tourismus Aerospace München

Three new VIP Boeing for KlasJet

Charter flights for sports teams, bands and companies are the specialty of KlasJet. The Lithuanian airline wants to strengthen its fleet this year with up to seven other aircraft.

Politische Public Relations Agentur München

The Brexit and Game Theory in “The European”

Big political negotiations are always also a show for your own target group: for voters, party colleagues, or simply for the people. Game theory can help to understand processes in such negotiations.

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