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1. July 2021

Fulminant PR start for SHS Viveon

Since the beginning of the year, the Munich PR agency WORDUP has been advising the listed SHS Viveon AG (listed in m:access) from Freiham near Munich. The press work for SHS Viveon has already achieved impressive results shortly after its start: The IT company’s expertise in risk and credit management has already been picked up by Forbes magazine, GI geldinstitute, CreditManager and EAS magazine. The specialist audience and reach thus further contributed to the software provider’s brand awareness.  

SHS Viveon AG has set itself the task of decisively simplifying the management of financial and regulatory risks of companies. The SHS Viveon software platform enables risk, credit and compliance management teams to automatically identify, assess and hedge risks in a flexible, digital process. It simplifies access to all relevant data from any system, automates processes, and improves analysis and simulation, enabling better business decisions. SHS Viveon was founded in 1991 and has been listed in the m:access segment of the Munich Stock Exchange since 1999. 

WORDUP PR looks back on a long experience in advising companies from the fintech, banking, and financial services scene – including the ETF startup yavalu, the digital payment solution payqonic, and Munich-based Cap Flow AG. An overview of SHS Viveon AG’s latest press activities can be found here.