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7. September 2023

New innovation management magazine fit4IP launched

At the end of August, fit4IP, a new online magazine, was launched, which is aimed at entrepreneurs and anyone interested in intellectual property (“IP”) and innovation management. Among other things, readers will find articles by experienced patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law and find out news about intellectual property. Anyone who has an idea or brand that deserves protection will also find valuable information from the relevant specialists here.

fit4IP does not claim to be a specialist magazine, but would like to offer short and compact overviews of the exciting topic of intellectual property and show possible applications, especially in medium-sized companies.

“WORDUP PR has been dealing with the public presentation of topics related to innovation, copyright and trademark law and patents for over two decades. It was therefore only logical to use the diverse contacts that we maintain in this industry for an online publication which does not yet exist in this form,” says WORDUP Managing Director Achim von Michel. The WORDUP agency advised the European Patent Office, among other things, and, together with the WORT collecting society, accompanied the second basket of the copyright amendment with extensive PR measures. The PR agency also implemented the “Intellectual Property” symposium of the German government in Munich. The US software developer Anaqua, which offers the leading digital solution for managing intellectual property, has been part of the portfolio for many years.

“We hope that with our new offer we can make the sometimes somewhat cumbersome topic of ‘intellectual property’ attractive to a broader audience. After all, the success story of ‘Made in Germany’ is based to a not inconsiderable extent on the effective protection of ideas and applications by global laws,” adds Achim von Michel.

Guest authors are cordially invited to contact the editors with suggestions for contributions.