Verlagsbeilage Handelsblatt: Wir sind die deutsche Wirtschaft


24. September 2023

Handelsblatt supplement: “We are the German economy”

At the end of September, experts and medium-sized companies from all over Germany will present themselves in a publisher’s supplement in the Handelsblatt under the heading “We are the German economy” in order to send a clear signal for Germany as a business location and the future of the German economy.

With a greeting from Christoph Ahlhaus, Chairman of the Federal Management Board of the Association of Medium-sized Businesses.BVMW and a number of other statements, including from Trigema boss Wolfgang Grupp, Dr. Christine Lemaitre (chairman of the Society for Sustainable Building) and Professor Dr. Herrmann Bühlbecker (sole shareholder of Lambertz Chocolate Factory), the German economy is raising its voice loudly and in large numbers for the first time since the beginning of the energy crisis. The Handelsblatt has a daily circulation of 134,787 copies (IVW IV 2022) and reaches a readership of 596,000 people (MA II 2022). 262,000 people in this readership are decision-makers in German companies (LAE 2022).

WORDUP PR is also there with its own guest article, which focuses on the enormous impact of professional communication in times of crisis. We are convinced that actively creating trust in turbulent times is a central requirement for communicators in business and politics. Small and medium-sized businesses must also make greater use of their strengths here. The largest automotive supplier in the IAA area has just shown how this can be achieved. While many media outlets are increasingly focusing on a swan song for the German auto industry, Bosch boss Stefan Hartung countered with a large number in a newspaper interview: Around 1.4 billion combustion cars must be replaced by electric counterparts in a global mobility transition. Even if only electric vehicles were produced from today, which we are of course still a long way from, that would take several decades given the current annual production output. Despite all the challenges, there are still good opportunities to get a large piece of this enormous pie with innovative technologies. Bosch reminded us of this with targeted communication and sowed new trust in the market.

The following also applies to medium-sized businesses: good internal and external communication is a central key to the (new) success of Germany as a location. In order for the concerns of medium-sized businesses to be heard, they must speak specifically, professionally and convincingly to all target groups. As communications professionals, we know exactly what innovative marketing concepts look like: where traditional advertising shows its advantages, which messages are best conveyed to the public through active press work, when social media channels work unbeatably well, and when events and other personal approaches make the most sense .

There is also a lot to do in recruiting: In the “war for talents”, a trusting and convincing approach makes a decisive contribution to being one step ahead of the competitor and to retaining employees to the company. With our latest qualification “Digital Recruiting Hoch N” from Hof University, we are also ideally positioned here.

The complete digital edition of the publisher’s special supplement with all guest contributions can be found HERE.