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SHS Viveon’s mission is to significantly simplify the management of corporate financial and regulatory risks. The SHS Viveon platform enables risk, credit and compliance management teams to automatically identify, assess and mitigate risks in a flexible, digital process. It simplifies access to all relevant data from any system, automates processes, and improves analysis and simulation, enabling better business decisions. SHS Viveon was founded in 1991 and has been listed in the m:access segment of the Munich Stock Exchange since 1999.

WORDUP PR has been responsible for the entire press work for fintech SHS Viveon in Germany since the beginning of 2021. A special focus of the assignment is the positioning of the company and its contents in the political and economic environment in leading business media in Germany. As an expert in business communications, the Munich-based agency draws on a wealth of experience in this mandate, for example, at the capital market-listed investment company Blue Cap AG and the financial advisor capFlow.

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  • Conception and realisation of entire Press Kit
  • Business Communication
  • Press work in the surrounding of leading media
  • Agenda Setting
  • Pitching interviews and expert statements

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  • Forbes
  • gi Geldinstitute
  • Der Treasurer
  • Der Aktionär
  • wallstreet:online
  • Der CreditManager
  • The European
  • EAS Digital Magazin
  • Punkt4
  • EAS Magazin
  • Manage IT
  • Big Data Insider
  • and many more