The Dr. Robert Pfleger Foundation is a non-profit-making foundation in private enterprise. With the decision for the legal form as a “legally valid public foundation of civil law”, a comparatively rare, at that time still limited to a few experiences based on the foundations, was chosen in the 70s of the last century. It derives from the testamentary wish of Dr. Robert Pfleger, said that the foundation should continue to be responsible for its pharmaceutical companies. Thus, Dr. Pfleger Chemische Fabrik GmbH became a part of the foundation’s stock price. In addition to the promotion of non-profit-making purposes, the latter also exercises the ownership function through the company, supported by a board of directors.

In accordance with the statutes of the Dr. Robert Pfleger Foundation, the foundation’s purpose is to achieve a scientific award at a distance of two years. With an amount of € 50,000, this is a significant price in the German medical sector.

According to the award regulations for the Robert Pfleger Research Prize, outstanding scientific achievements in the field of “Basics and Perspectives of Medicine”, particularly basic concepts with forward-looking ideas in all fields of medicine (basic research and clinical research on the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of diseases ) are nominated for the award. The prize is awarded to individuals or to a research team.

Since the foundation of the agency, social projects and foundations have been one of the focal points of WORDUP PR. We have already implemented projects in the field of press and public relations, among other things, on generally more favorable terms. For the Dr. Robert-Pfleger-Foundation, the Karl-Böhm Foundation or the social support network Dein Nachbar e.V.

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