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11. July 2023

Certified: Digital Recruiting & Sustainability

Digital Recruiting Hoch N – that is the name of a seven-part certificate course at Hof University in cooperation with the EU program REACT-EU 2021, in which WORDUP Managing Director Achim von Michel successfully participated. In the period from May to July, the five-person seminar group received valuable specialist knowledge on recruiting skilled workers, retaining employees in the company and on sustainable corporate positioning in the three blocks of “Employer Branding”, “Operative Recruiting” and “Sustainability”.

One of the central learnings: When choosing their employer, young employees now attach great importance to sustainable corporate management, both in the area of environmental and climate protection and in the areas of values and corporate responsibility. Fortunately, WORDUP PR can clearly score in these important areas with its consistent focus on the professional standards of public relations and its membership in the Bavarian Climate and Environmental Pact.

In the module operational recruitment of skilled workers via various digital channels, which was also trained with practical exercises, the long-standing personnel professionals in the seminar discussed the limits and problems of online recruiting measures. In particular, the geographical spread that is often far too wide and the lack of opportunities to set specific filters when recruiting personnel causes additional difficulties for the experts in addition to the already existing shortage of skilled workers. We also can tell you a thing or two about it : Applicants who read job advertisements only insufficiently and want to face the application process despite a lack of (linguistic) qualifications. In addition, we experience again and again that personal contacts and very specific platforms such as job exchanges at the universities lead to better results than the established digital career portals. Our qualification as a certified internship partner of the Institute for Communication Studies at the LMU Munich also helps us to establish contact with potential employees very early in the professional career.

Summarizing tenor of the content, which was prepared in an exciting and instructive way by a total of four university speakers: In a labor market in which employees are now clearly setting the pace, companies have to adapt to the needs of their staff in many different ways and invest a lot of time and energy in recruiting really suitable applicants. For WORDUP PR, the new qualification brings above all additional knowledge when advising agency customers who want to anchor the topic of sustainability more firmly in the company and emphasize it more clearly through suitable communication.