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23. November 2022

Communication for better climate protection

Negative records were broken all over the place: persistent droughts, burning forests, fierce storms and flooded cities. The year 2022 was not only marked by extreme weather events, it was also the warmest year since records began. The climate crisis can no longer be ignored, which significantly increases the pressure on politics and business. WORDUP supports its clients in communicating their strategies for more sustainable solutions.

Incentive systems for the reduction of CO2 emissions

By reducing their CO2 emissions, companies can make a significant contribution to limiting the further rise in global temperatures. However, they can hardly achieve this goal through their own savings. A large part of their CO2 emissions consists of so-called Scope 3 emissions. These arise from the production, transport and use of products and are caused or influenced by supply chains. One solution strategy is therefore to take a closer look at the selection of suppliers.

Our client TWS Partners AG – market leader in applied game theory and behavioural economics – explains which criteria can be used to make a “green” choice. Qualitative features, such as emissions made transparent or a commitment to climate neutrality, already put the focus on sustainability. If such criteria are not met, a monetary bonus/malus system can help. Here, climate-friendly suppliers are given preference over climate-damaging competitors according to an internal assessment of the CO2 price. With the help of behavioural economic approaches, companies can thus not only determine their “right” internal CO2 price, but ultimately also optimise the CO2 balance of their supply chain.

The holistic approach of the game theory and behavioural economics experts at TWS Partners has already been published in Procure Swiss magazine, a Swiss trade magazine focusing on purchasing and logistics. The article by Sebastian Moritz, Managing Partner at TWS Partners, and Maximilian Zott, Project Manager at TWS Partners, can be found here.

Another article by the two experts on this topic can also be found on, the first medium that explicitly addresses users in operational practice on the topic of “renewable energies”.