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8. September 2021

Home office or no home office? The new hybrid work model featured in DIE ZEIT

The pandemic has turned people’s lives upside down, and the working world has also not remained unaffected. But has working from home actually replaced the office routine, as so many voices have claimed? Our client SHS Viveon is now going its own way and implementing a new hybrid dynamic model. This allows employees to pursue their tasks either within one of the three branch offices or from their home office, as well as from wherever they are able to work at any given time.

The news was picked up by the magazine gi Geldinstitute, among others, which made it possible to reach a targeted expert audience. In addition, DIE ZEIT also reported on SHS Viveon AG’s step into the future of work. The reach thus achieved via ZEIT ONLINE, which records 16.55 million unique users per month, contributes further to the growing awareness of our customer SHS Viveon.

The listed company with its headquarters in Munich has set itself the task of decisively simplifying the management of financial and regulatory risks of companies. The SHS Viveon software platform enables risk, credit and compliance management teams to automatically identify, assess and hedge risks in a flexible, digital process.

SHS Viveon therefore joins the list of companies from the fintech, banking, and financial services scene that WORDUP PR advises or has advised thanks to its many years of experience. You can find an overview of our highlights here.

Caption: ‚Living walls’ enable time-shifted collaboration in SHS Viveon’s new decentralized
working model (Photo credit: SHS Viveon)