13. October 2016

Innovation in injection moulding: Schlemmer presents MuCell technology at the IZB

The Schlemmer Group is not only presenting its latest product highlights at the IZB in Wolfsburg, Europe’s leading trade show for the automotive supply industry, but also an innovative injection moulding process: MuCell® technology.

Solid design with the greatest of ease – MuCell® technology at Schlemmer

The Schlemmer Group is the injection moulding specialist for the development and production of geometrically complex component workpieces using the MuCell® process. The company supplies process-safe all-in-one solutions from a single source.

Foto MuCell Schlemmer
Kabelkanal im MuCell-Verfahren gefertigt

What is MuCell®?

MuCell® technology is an established injection moulding process for producing plastic parts based on microcellular foam structures, which are increasingly being used in the automotive industry, in white goods and other electrotechnical products.
The microcellular structure typical of the MuCell® process reduces internal stresses and thus minimises the risk of subsequent distortion in the component. In addition, the density, material usage and weight of the component are reduced by up to ten per cent with the same or improved material characteristics. The high dimensional stability of the components leads ultimately to an increased product life.

What does Schlemmer offer?

Before the design phase, the experts of the Schlemmer Group analyse each component intensively, calculate the investment costs for the customer as well as the duration of the amortisation phase. Subsequently, prototypes are developed which, in coordination with the customer, are made ready for the start of production. Schlemmer always produces the components at its own production facilities, which means that no additional investments in machinery are necessary for the customer. With 27 production sites worldwide, Schlemmer is in an excellent geographic position to supply all major industrial markets worldwide with high-quality MuCell® components.

Learn more about this future-oriented technology and visit the Schlemmer Group stand at the IZB in Wolfsburg (Allerpark) from 18 to 20 October:

Hall 6, Stand 6221

On 20 October, Josef Minster, CEO of the Schlemmer Group, will be at your disposal for interviews. We kindly request that appointments be made in advance.

About Schlemmer
The Schlemmer Group is a global technology expert, which has focused on the development and production of highly specialised synthetics solutions. Building on 60 years of experience in cable protection, the group of companies headquartered in Poing, Upper Bavaria, has become one of the leading and most comprehensive value added providers, supporting its clients as an intelligent consulting and service partner. In addition to the core Automotive business area, the Schlemmer Group also pursues activities in a wide range of other sectors with its Industry and Appliances business areas. Over 60 sites throughout the world, almost 30 production plants at strategically important locations and a mobile factory enable the company to simultaneously implement global strategies and enjoy a local presence in development, production and sales. The company’s more than 2,500 employees generated a consolidated net revenue of € 263 million in 2015.

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