mittelstand magazin MIB


28. September 2023

MIB honored with German Business Award

The online magazine (MIB) for SME has won the German Business Award from the EU Business News and is thus recognized as “Best Regional & National Independent Business News Platform 2023”.

The editorial team at Mittelstand in Bayern in Munich is very pleased about the award. Editor Achim von Michel explains: “For over twelve years, has been reporting on topics that acutely affect medium-sized businesses in Germany. We see the award as recognition and confirmation of our work, as well as further motivation to continue to report on the pulse of medium-sized businesses in the future.”

MIB is an editorial project by WORDUP PR that was started in 2012. Since then, over 2,000 reports and news from the world of medium-sized businesses have been published in the now widely known online magazine.

EU Business News is an online magazine published four times a year in English. The purpose is to honor outstanding achievements by companies within the European Union. To recognize this, the magazine has launched several awards with a regional and/or thematic focus.

The European Union is an important economic location that stands internationally for quality and innovation. The EU’s innovation performance has been increasing since 2016 and the European economy is doing well. However, the current crises and those of recent years have been presenting the European economy with ongoing challenges for some time. The policies of the European Union and those of the nation states can only help to a limited extent in cushioning crises. It is all the more important that individual companies become and remain motivated to continue to deliver quality.

To ensure that European companies remain motivated to deliver top performance even in the current times of crisis, EU Business News is honoring them with a special award.