Award mittelstandinbayern


15. June 2022 awarded by independent experts

The online portal has just been awarded the “Top Website 2022” quality seal by The online magazine received an impressive 38 out of 40 possible points in the categories of user-friendliness, trust and security, content and research, and services and communication. For the analysis, an independent team of experts assessed numerous websites on the basis of various questions, such as “How high-quality is the layout and page structure?” or “How trustworthy is the website?” met almost all requirements with maximum points and is therefore now “Top Website 2022”. We are pleased about the award and will continue to inform our readers about current topics from the SME sector in the future. is a project of WORDUP PR. Since 2012, the online magazine has published a total of more than 1700 articles on various topics from business and politics related to medium-sized businesses. Publisher Achim von Michel sees himself confirmed by the award: “For ten years now, we have been writing primarily about and for a readership that is often neglected in politics – the entrepreneurs in the SME sector. They continue to represent the backbone of our economy and present themselves as reliable employers and drivers of innovation, especially in times of crisis.”

For more information on the award, visit the website.