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Ray Sono is one of Germany’s leading agencies for digital communication and interaction. Since 1992, we have been designing the digital world of our customers – locally, nationally and globally. We are pioneers and companions of companies and organizations – always in the interplay of strategy, concept, design and new technological possibilities. In all our actions, there are always three principles: Understanding. Modify. Think new.

“Internet of Things” and “Digital Transformation” are no longer empty words. Instead, they offer opportunities for new digital business approaches. The planning, control, optimization and implementation of the (digital) value chain of a company requires a proven and trustworthy strategic partner with a long-term vision. One that bridges the bridge from a future-oriented vision of strategic processes to the creative pragmatic daily “Doing”. And all this under one roof – with the corresponding individual expertise.

We are consultants with digital roots and know the business processes of our customers. We develop and model new products and services, define business processes and make existing business models future-proof. We will find answers to tomorrow’s questions.

WORDUP PR Agency Digitialization has been responsible for the entire press work of the leading provider of digital communication in Munich for more than four years. As an external press, the agency kept in touch with the various specialist media and addressed current requests from the business and trade press. In addition, WORDUP PR worked with the customer Ray Sono to develop topics for professional articles and proactive media communication in the areas of Internet, digitalization, fintech and eLearning. The high competence of the PR agency in the field of information technology (IT) / digitalization led to extensive press reports in the relevant media.

WORDUP PR has a long tradition in consulting on the topic of digitalization / ICT / information technology. Among the customers were so far, among others: NetApp, Ravenpack, APC American Power Conversion, crossvertise, Smapper Technologies, simpliVity.

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PR services

  • Planning and realization of all press work for the areas of Financial Services (Ray Sono Consulting Manager), simulation solutions for the German Armed Forces (Scenaris) and Internet / Webdesign
  • External press department
  • Edit press releases
  • Edit bylines and specialist articles
  • Accompanying interviews
  • PR consulting
  • Agenda Setting
  • Event support

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  • Banken & Partner
  • GeldInstitute
  • Bankmagazin
  • bank & markt
  • eCommerce Magazin
  • Personalwirtschaft
  • wirtschaft + weiterbildung
  • werben & verkaufen
  • Absatzwirtschaft
  • lead digital
  • OnetoOne
  • and many more