4. August 2015

Schlemmer launches joint venture for technological innovations

On 28 July the Schlemmer Group launched a new joint venture. The Group has joined forces with Steuerungs- & Solartechnik Dauelsberg from Hofheim, Franken – a medium-sized company that is managed by its owners and employs 13 members of staff.

Complete extrusion lines for manufacturing Schlemmer protection systems (in particular corrugated tubes) will be developed and produced here in future in close collaboration with Schlemmer process experts. Schlemmer CEO Josef Minster, CFO Christian von der Linde, Dieter Brenner (Vice President Automotive), Mayor of Hofheim Wolfgang Borst as well as Schlemmer employees from the plant in Haßfurt and clients attended the launch of the joint venture in Hofheim.

In his speech, Josef Minster underlined that the aim is positioning the new joint venture as a leader in technology: “Our goal is making extrusion processes more reliable. In order to do so, aspects such as temperature and other parameters in the production process need to be monitored very accurately. We will achieve this in future by making extensive use of automation for process control tasks in our new LuMa-Tec production lines.”

The highly automated production lines will be used in the Schlemmer Group’s production sites across the globe and will also be offered for sale in specific industries. The first plants are set to be delivered in August.

Schlemmer holds a 70-percent stake in the joint venture and is reinforcing its innovative power with the current agreement. “As part of our corporate vision entitled One Spirit 2020, amongst others, major investments in research and development are planned. As such, the LuMa-Tec joint venture represents a milestone for the continued growth of the Schlemmer Group”, commented Josef Minster.