Schlemmer AFirmenzentrale Aschheim Foto: Manuel Frauendorf
21. June 2017

Schlemmer moves into new headquarters

The new headquarters in the Eight Dornach office complex enables the spatial consolidation of the administration and the technical centre.

At the beginning of July 2017, Schlemmer, the internationally operating technology group, will be moving into its new company headquarters in Aschheim. For the previous 37 years, the Schlemmer Group has had its head office in the neighbouring town of Poing, but space there was limited for the growing company. At the new location in the Aschheim district of Dornach, Schlemmer now has 4,300 sqm of office space, including 400 sqm for the newly created “Technical Centre Europe”.

Schlemmer AFirmenzentrale Aschheim Foto: Manuel Frauendorf
Neue Firmenzentrale in Aschheim (Foto: Berlinovo Immobilien Gesellschaft mbH, Manuel Frauendorf)

With the relocation from Poing to Aschheim near Munich, Schlemmer has responded according to plan to the strong growth of the company. At more than 60 locations worldwide, the technology group currently employs nearly 3,000 people, more than 200 of whom are based at the headquarters. Employee numbers continue to grow at all locations. The new headquarters at the Eight Dornach office complex now offers the company ample space in modern, generously dimensioned offices, appealing break-time areas and inspiring think tanks. “We are thus integrating the topic of “new working world” into our day-to-day work together in order to make a significant contribution to communication between our specialist departments. We also want to significantly increase our attractiveness as an employer by improving the work environment as well as through modern office equipment,” says Josef Minster, CEO of the Schlemmer Group.

In addition to the considerable gain in space, the newly created “Technical Centre Europe” is an added benefit at the new location: prototypes and samples will be further developed here, whilst components and products will be tested and validated. “So far, we have had to outsource these activities due to a lack of space. The ‘Technical Centre Europe’ now allows us to make developments and preliminary developments within the network of all our companies technologies faster, more efficiently and more innovatively. This will accelerate and simplify our processes, as time-to-market is more important than ever before,” explains Josef Minster.

The “Technical Centre Europe” will be put into operation immediately after the relocation and feature state-of-the-art equipment. This will create additional, attractive jobs for highly qualified specialists at Schlemmer’s new headquarters. The technology group is always looking for skilled employees whose interest should be aroused in particular by the high-quality equipment of the “Technical Centre Europe”. In addition, Schlemmer has also created space for closer cooperation with the nearby universities, research institutes and business partners as well as with the plastics institute SKZ “Das Kunststoff-Zentrum” Würzburg in the area of ​​research and development.

About Schlemmer

The Schlemmer Group is a global technology expert, which has focused on the development and production of highly specialised synthetics and metal solutions. Building on 60 years of experience in cable protection, the group of companies headquartered in Upper Bavaria has become one of the leading and most comprehensive value added providers, supporting its clients as an intelligent consulting and service partner. In addition to the core Automotive business area, the Schlemmer Group also pursues activities in a wide range of other sectors with its Industry business area. Over 60 sites throughout the world, almost 30 production plants at strategically important locations and a mobile factory enable the company to simultaneously implement global strategies and enjoy a local presence in development production and sales. The company’s nearly 3,000 employees generated consolidated net sales of EUR 298 million in 2016.


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