19. November 2018

The Brexit and Game Theory in “The European”

Big political negotiations are always also a show for your own target group: for voters, party colleagues, or simply for the people. The current Brexit endgame is one of such performances, even if much is at stake for those involved. Can Theresa May accept an offer from the EU without losing her face and her majorities? Do European Union negotiators have any realistic chance to make an offer that the British will embrace?

From the game-theoretic point of view, expected reactions in negotiation situations can be analyzed and anticipated. Our new client TWS Partners from Munich specializes in this methodology and presents some possible options in the current poker game of the Brexit final in the magazine “The European”. The name article “Showdown on the World Stage” by TWS founding partner Marcus Schreiber can be read HERE. Incidentally, TWS Partners is the only consulting firm in the world that relies exclusively on Nobel Prize-winning research results in the fields of game theory and industrial economics. Founded in 2001 in Munich as a spin-off of a joint project of industry and science, TWS Partners is still closely linked to the scientific community and therefore always up to date with research. This is also what the founding partners stand for, along with Marcus Schreiber (CEO), this is Professor Achim Wambach, today President of the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW).

The “European” is published four times a year in an edition of 50,000 copies, the homepage receives over a quarter of a million visitors and almost half a million page views per month.