We are climatically neutral to the UN standard

WORDUP PR engages in environmental protection. CO2 certificates have been strongly talked about in recent years. Partially criminal practices (VAT carousels) and questionable projects have discredited the trade in emissions papers. The “Clean Development Mechanism” (CDM), which is part of the Kyoto Protocol, is the “Mechanism for Environmentally Sound Development”. The purpose of the mechanism is to help developing countries achieve sustainable development and contribute to the prevention of dangerous climate change. When companies in this way equip the villages in Africa with solar lamps, they can, in exchange, issue certificates for their savings and thus contribute to the calculation of the climate of industrialized countries at least arithmetically.

We have opted for a UN-CER certificate, which is emission rights, which have been certified by the United Nations. In the next two years, we are supporting a Wind Farm Project in Argentina and can therefore call us “climate neutral”.

Further information on UN-certified emission rights and sustainable action for companies can be found here: www.zukunftswerk.org