Visit from Nikkei Japan international PR agency


29. June 2023

A visit from Nikkei Japan

PR international: In June, a correspondent from the Editorial Headquarters Europe of the Japanese newspaper Nikkei visited our PR agency in Munich. In addition to general assessments of economic development in Germany and Europe, various specialist topics from our agency customers were also on the agenda. The journalist was very interested in the new media technology 5G Broadcast, which enables efficient transmission of media content to smartphones and could significantly improve the “Cell Broadcast” warning system established in Germany.

The international business journalist was also very interested in the topic of intellectual property, as the statistics on patent applications in different regions enable a detailed analysis of the respective innovative strength in different fields of technology. The number of registrations in Germany fell by almost five percent last year, but German innovations still hold second place behind the USA and ahead of China. In this context, WORDUP Managing Director Achim von Michel also referred to the industry initiative “Industry Patent Quality Charter”, which calls for qualitatively better examinations by the patent offices.

The Japanese newspaper Nikkei (Nihon Keizai Shimbun) appears with a circulation of three million copies. The Nikkei is particularly popular with high earners and university graduates. In terms of both the average income of subscribers and the proportion of academics, it ranks first in Japan. Since 1971, the newspaper has also published the world-renowned Nikkei Index, which is calculated from the prices of selected companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The exchange of information was rounded off by a visit to the Steinerne Saal of the Bavarian Parliament, where the Franco-German business association Clubéco met with renowned speakers such as the former Federal Finance Minister Dr. Theo Weigel celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty.