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4. May 2023

Personality PR in the fintech industry

In the past few weeks, SHS Viveon CEO Ralph Schuler has presented himself to the specialist banking press with two major interviews.

The portrait of the Payment & Banking platform covered, among other things, the career of Schuler and his view of the financial services industry. What is particularly interesting is the assessment that the term “fintech” can also be used in a broader sense: “I don’t think that fintechs should only be defined as hip start-ups run by young people. In general, one can say that with increasing As a company grows, in-house processes become more and more important. This could be seen in the emergence of the Facebook universe, among other things. In the beginning, a lot happens on demand, and the motivation is mainly fed by the ‘founder fever’.”

As an independent economic hub, Payment & Banking reports, researches and analyzes the most important topics relating to payment, banking, FinTech and now also crypto and digital assets. With over 600,000 page views per year, the podcast with over 350,000 plays and the four pioneering specialist conferences, Payment & Banking has become one of the most important contact points in the industry in Germany.

The second major interview can be found in print edition 5 of the well-known Bankmagazin. Here, SHS Viveon CEO Ralph Schuler speaks, among other things, about the borrowing needs of German companies and how digital creditworthiness and risk assessments make it easier for financial institutions to make credit decisions.

Bankmagazin (Springer Fachmedien) has been published since 1998 and is the association-independent, leading trade journal for the banking industry in German-speaking countries. The independent reporting on the financial sector and banking practices reaches readers from all three pillars: cooperative institutes, savings banks and private banks.

In any case, we are happy about so much good personality PR and are showing a short excerpt of the interview here (printed in full in issue 05/2023).

Personality PR Fintech