27. March 2019

Blue Cap AG: Coverage for the growth financer in “German Mittelstand”

For the first time with the Munich-based Blue Cap AG, since end of 2018 , Munich; ISIN: DE000A0JM2M1; Stock Exchange Symbol: B7E) WORDUP PR has been consulting a capital-listed company. (Scale, Frankfurt and m: access.) . The Munich-based company under the management of Dr. Ing. Hannspeter Schubert is a capital market-listed group of companies founded in 2006. As a holding company, Blue Cap invests exclusively in medium-sized niche companies with sales of between EUR 20 and 100 million. At present, the portfolio of the Blue Cap Group includes companies in the sectors of adhesives and coating technology, plastics technology, production technology, metal technology and medical technology. The group of companies usually holds a majority stake in a total of 10 investees. The companies of the Blue Cap Group currently employ over 1,000 employees in Germany and other European countries.

Financial expert dr. Hannspeter Schubert recently commented several times on the planned merger of Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank. In an extensive article in WirtschaftsWoche, Schubert uses the example of SMB-David to explain how mid-sized companies can prepare for potential impending crises. And in the German Business News the expert explains why innovation in Germany should not stop at the tax laws.

With customers such as Blue Cap AG, WORDUP PR once again proves its high level of expertise in the areas of “German Mittelstand” and “Finance”. Within a short period of time, high-level publications were published in key media, optimally placing the company with its core competencies. Further releases will follow.