11. December 2019

Blue Cap AG: Coverage in leading german newspapers

With strong quotations and well-founded guest contributions, Blue Cap AG board member Dr. Hannspeter Schubert was once again present in several German leading media in the second half of 2019. The most important publications for the Blue Cap AG Management Board included articles in the renowned German business newspaper Handelsblatt and in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). The continuous press work for the listed company has once again led to the desired media perception.

Amongst other things, the topic was “Financing in SMEs”. In an extensive guest contribution to the FAZ, Schubert emphasized that the close collaboration with only one bank, which is traditionally widespread in medium-sized companies, has now become obsolete. Nowadays, banks would change their strategy in search of profitable business models and increasingly rely on automated valuation processes and risk assessments. Therefore, according to the board of listed blue cap AG, he advised entrepreneurs to a change of strategy: the establishment of business relationships with several banks to secure the best financing instruments on the most favorable terms.

The tax and finance expert commented on the planned federal state research funding in an article in the Handelsblatt. Even though this initiative is basically going in the right direction, Schubert criticized the burdens imposed on medium-sized companies by bureaucracy and high taxes in this country.

In another article, also published in the print edition of the Handelsblatt, Schubert reports on his experience with Chinese investors. In his experience, it is generally very difficult to get reliable information about the creditworthiness of Chinese SMEs. The expert complained that there were no standardized and reliable rating procedures in China. The companies in China are often closely linked to the state and often publish hardly any company figures. This unnecessarily complicates foreign business for some companies.

The original print articles in the Handelsblatt and the FAZ were published with the approval of the publishers in the online business magazine The business magazine for small and medium-sized businesses, which has been in existence since 2012, is listed on Google News, so that the online articles on the publications have ensured a high level of distribution on the Internet.

In spring Blue Cap AG was already featured  in the Wirtschaftswoche with Dr. Hannspeter Schubert in an extensive article, also available online, Here Schubert gives specific tips on how medium-sized companies can prepare for the upcoming downturn in the economy.

Lots of media for the press, for Blue Cap AG and its executive board Hannspeter Schubert. WORDUP PR has been advising the company since the end of 2018 in press relations and crisis communication.

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