PR Agentur München Universität LMU IfKW Vortrag


11. December 2019

PR Lecture at Munich University LMU

In December 2019, WORDUP PR Managing Director and PR Consultant Achim von Michel had the first opportunity to introduce Bachelor students to the field of public relations at the invitation of the Institute for Communication Science (IfKW) at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich (LMU). Around 50 students listened a to varied 90-minute presentation about everyday life in a Munich PR as part of the institute’s lecture series “Communication Professions”, to which ZDF anchorman Claus Kleber and journalist and satirist Oliver Welke were also invited this semester.

“Everyday life is rather the exception” emphasized Achim von Michel, who founded his agency WORDUP PR more than 20 years ago, after he had graduated from the Munich Communication Institute, The lecture was also characterized by a strong emphasis on journalistic qualifications, which von Michel sees as essential prerequisites for successful PR work. “Journalists are our partners and only if you can talk to them on the same level – that means knowing how  journalism actually works and what laws follow the work processes – will they be successful in this profession,” says WORDUP PR manager Achim von Michel.

After completing his studies, he had worked as a freelance journalist for specialist magazines and the Süddeutsche Zeitung for several years, and then for almost five years as press spokesman for a joint subsidiary of Bayerischer Rundfunk and the Bavarian state headquarters for new media. Since 2007, Achim von Michel has been a freelance press officer and policy officer for the Federal Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW) in Bavaria, in addition to his work as agency manager.

Already last year, Achim von Michel had been invited from the Department of Psychology of the LMU Munich to give a lecture on different aspects of the text presentation of scientific results in front of students in the Master’s program. In addition, PR consultant Achim von Michel also gives lectures in companies, such as the management consultancy McKinsey. Achim von Michel has also been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for External Scientific Further Education at the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich since 2018.