Santiago Advisors


22. August 2022

Mastering the digital transformation with the culture of data

The enormous importance of data in today’s world cannot be emphasized strongly enough. In order for companies to remain future-ready and competitive, its proper use is of crucial importance. However, companies from the life science industry in particular often find it difficult to make a profit from existing data. This is because when it comes to the abstract topic of digitalization, there is often a lack of vivid examples that show how companies can master the digital transformation in practice.

Our customer and expert in strategy and organizational development can remedy this situation. In an expert article on, Santiago Advisors uses an anonymized practical example to explain how companies can build a future-proof data culture and benefit from the opportunities of digitalization.

Santiago’s approach is based on four pillars: In addition to a well thought-out data strategy, the right internal organization is also relevant, which in the best case is supported by a powerful data platform. Last but not least, the mindset of the employees is also crucial. How companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry combine these aspects to create a good data culture is explained in detail by our customer in the linked technical article.

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