6. July 2022

Minimizing the risks of Buy Now Pay Later with Artificial Intelligence

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is considered the big trend in e-commerce. Today, almost all online stores already offer this modern form of classic invoice purchasing, in which uncomplicated short-term credits are issued. In the next few years, the sales volume and the number of users are expected to more than quadruple.

Buy now, pay later – what sounds tempting for customers, however, is associated with great risks for the payment providers. In the event of fraud or other payment defaults by buyers, BNPL providers are liable for the damages incurred and are left to bear all the costs.

Ralph Schuler, CEO of our customer SHS Viveon, explains in a technical article in the online magazine how BNPL payment service providers protect themselves against such risks. As a provider of a modular platform for the automation of risk, credit and compliance processes, SHS Viveon is well versed in establishing the identity and creditworthiness of buyers and professionally managing the entire BNPL process. Thanks to artificial intelligence, time-consuming manual checks are a thing of the past and buyers can be evaluated fully automatically in seconds. is a leading German online magazine for information and communications technology and digitization. It is aimed primarily at senior IT management and business decision-makers. You can find Ralph Schuler’s article here.