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9. June 2022

Are German innovations in crisis?

Headlines are once again piling up in newspapers and magazines accusing Germany of being increasingly lethargic when it comes to innovations and startup investments. In fact, the number of startups or new patents, for example, do not currently describe a pronounced innovation climate in this country. But what is the actual state of inventiveness in this country and why is German innovation in crisis?

Our client Santiago Advisors identifies three reasons for the lack of groundbreaking innovations. In the article from the special feature of the ZEIT magazine “Forschungskosmos”, Managing Director Dr. Juan Rigall describes how bureaucracy, a lack of role models in research, and a lack of venture capital create unfavorable conditions for startups and researchers in Germany.

The special issue “Forschungskosmos” is published several times a year in the overall circulation of ZEIT, reaching a readership of 2.3 million with about 590,000 copies sold. In addition, the article can also be accessed on ZEIT ONLINE, which has around 15.5 million users per month.

Santiago Advisors is an international management consultancy specializing in strategy and organizational development, particularly in the pharmaceutical, medical technology and chemical industries. WORDUP PR has been responsible for Santiago Advisors’ press relations in Germany since summer 2021, focusing on positioning the company and its content in the business media environment as well as in the trade press.