Die Automobil-Branche im Wandel: Mit der Spieltheorie die aktuellen Veränderungen meistern


12. August 2020

Quo Vadis, automotive industry?

The automotive industry is facing massive challenges. The increasing trend towards e-mobility, constantly growing pressure from the environmental lobby and, last but not least, the corona crisis have put manufacturers and suppliers in the face of difficult-to-solve problems and the need to set the course urgently. Our customer TWS Partners AG from Munich – Europe’s leading expert in the field of the economic application of game theory – approaches the topic in a current article in the renowned industry magazine Automobil Industrie. Suppliers specializing in combustion engines in particular are fighting for their livelihood and are endangering their customers’ ability to deliver. According to the experts, a “ramp-down” management based on game theory can provide important impulses here.

With a regular column in the Handelsblatt and a large number of other publications on political and economic topics, TWS Partners has been positioning itself for years as a game theory expert in German and international media with exclusive know-how.

You can find the full article in the specialist magazine Automobil Industrie HERE.