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13. August 2018

Skycop CEO featured in economy mag FOCUS

In its category “Newcomer”, FOCUS Magazine has presented Skycop CEO Marius Stonkus in a short company portrait in issue 31/2018. Focus magazine has a print run of over 400,000 copies per week, with 100,000 of them distributed as inflight copies. The news item “Avenger of the Stranded” by FOCUS can be found HERE.

Skycop is an innovative passenger rights portal from Lithuania, which has been conquering the German market since July of this year.

The company is responsible for air passengers and their right to compensation for flight cancellations under EU law. Skycop will only charge you for a successful compensation payment. Skycop is currently working on European compensation claims amounting to three million euros.

Through the global online platform, compensation claims for canceled, delayed or overbooked flights can easily be registered by passengers around the world.

Skycop and its team of experts with more than 10 years of experience in the aviation, legal and credit management sectors have set themselves the goal of ensuring fairness between the airline and passengers and helping those deprived of their personal rights.

WORDUP PR supervises the press work for Skycop in the entire German-speaking area and was also responsible for the complete website localization.