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21. October 2019

Technology PR for German 5G Initiative

New project for Munich based technology PR agency WORDUP : 5G promises a multitude of new opportunities as the next generation of mobile telephony. As a comprehensive end-to-end communication system, it will change entire industries and markets. In addition to faster mobile Internet, the expected areas of application of 5G are for example Automated Driving, Industry 4.0, Smart Grid or even eHealth. In addition, the latest generation of mobile has great potential for the media, cultural and creative industries.

In 2017, the 5G Media Initiative was launched to promote the potential of 5G for the media industry. Through collaborative research and development, partners will be networked to share knowledge in all areas of media production and exploitation. The 5G Media Initiative networks media, science and industry to exchange know-how, develop joint positions and initiate research projects. Compared to other 5G initiatives, this project focuses on strong media coverage. In order to safeguard Europe’s competitive position, this technology is supported by politics through the Federal Government’s 5G Initiative and the European Commission’s 5G Action Plan. 5G promises as the next generation of mobile phones, a variety of new opportunities.

The project partners include (as of October 2019): Nokia, Media Broadcast, Kathrein Broadcast, Cadami, Bavarian State Center for New Media, Bayerischer Rundfunk, VAUNET – Association of Private Media, APR – Private Broadcasting Association, Fraunhofer IIS, Friedrich Alexander University of Nuremberg , Télefonica, Rohde & Schwarz, Südwestrundfunk, TU Braunschweig – Institute of Telecommunications, Mugler AG and Institute of Broadcasting Technology.

On behalf of Bayerischer Rundfunk, WORDUP PR created the initiative’s new website at www.5gmediainitiative.com in both German and English. In addition, the presentation of the project objectives vis-à-vis the press is one of the tasks of the technology PR agency WORDUP in Munich. Already in the Bavarian research project 5G TODAY, in the course of which the use of the 5G technology for transmission of broadcasting content in FeMBMS (Further Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) in the Bavarian Oberland was tested with two transmitters, the Munich-based technology PR agency signed responsible for press and Public Relations.