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4. May 2022

TWS Partners in the latest FORBES issue

The algorithms of today and tomorrow can not only recognize people in photos or anticipate the needs of smartphone users. Ever since computers have been able to beat world champions in games such as chess and Go, it has become clear just how sophisticated artificial intelligence really is today. The machines do more than just acquire new knowledge. By implementing concepts from scientific game theory, they can also respond directly to and anticipate human behavior.

CEO Marcus Schreiber and board member Dr. Sebastian Moritz of our customer TWS Partners describe this in the current issue of FORBES magazine. In the article “Learning to read humans”, which appears in one of the most successful business magazines worldwide, they explore the question of what lies behind artificial intelligence and its combination with mathematical game theory.

The Munich-based consulting firm TWS Partners AG is considered the market leader in applied game theory. Specializing in making game theory useful for business decisions, TWS Partners advises companies in the automotive, transportation, high-tech, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer goods industries, among others. WORDUP PR has been responsible for this consulting mandate since the end of 2018 and can draw on both its expertise in the political environment and in-depth knowledge of economic contexts.