SHS Viveon Compliance Pixabay


11. March 2022

How SHS Viveon is enhancing its compliance platform

The events of the last few days, weeks and months have impressively demonstrated the vulnerability of global supply chains. But it is not only external shocks that can lead to disruptions and bottlenecks. In addition to pandemics and lockdowns, ships blocking trade routes, and wars breaking out in the middle of Europe, other factors must be considered to strengthen not only the resilience of supply chains. Respect for human rights and sustainable business practices has also become essential.

Our client SHS Viveon, provider of a modular platform for the automation of risk, credit and compliance processes, is also aware of these developments. Thus, Ralph Schuler, CEO of SHS Viveon, points out the pressing challenges in these areas: “Companies that are part of global supply chains as suppliers, as well as the product manufacturers themselves, are facing more and more national and international auditing and reporting obligations.” In order to be able to expand and improve its supply chain compliance (SCC) solution, which is specifically geared towards global supply chains, SHS Viveon is cooperating with msg Rethink Compliance GmbH, the anti-financial crime specialist within the international msg group.

With the help of the SCC solution, all steps of the supply chains nationally and internationally, which are necessary for the manufacture of products and the provision of services, can thus meet applicable requirements. Among others, the expert magazine LOGSTIK HEUTE, which covers and presents particularly relevant information for supply chain and logistics decision-makers, reported on the cooperation. With the introduction of the German Supply Chain Security Obligations Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz) or the Money Laundering Guidelines for the Trade in Goods (AML) as well as regulations such as the UK Bribery Act or the US Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA), executives are dependent on precisely such optimized solutions and cooperations.