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17. February 2022

The problem with supply chains: How data can help

The path from raw materials to end products is not only lengthy, since the onset of the Corona pandemic at the latest, it has become apparent just how risk-prone it is. As soon as supply chains come under pressure, nowadays we are directly impacted by it. If the gears of the individual decentralized production steps no longer mesh, the chain starts to stall. This affects both consumers, who wait months for their kitchen appliances, as well as producers themselves, who suffer from a shortage of preliminary products and whose plants can come to a standstill in the worst case.

In a globalized world, therefore, supply chain management needs to be optimized in order to reduce the fragility of the system and avoid breakdowns. Our client Santiago Advisors, an international management consultancy, specializes in strategy and organizational development and describes on how intelligent preparation of data can sustainably improve the supply chain.

With the help of collected knowledge about possible costs, suppliers, demand forecasts and other company-specific variables, “data-driven supply chain optimization can be used as a competitive advantage,” as our client explains in the online portal of the trade magazines it management and it security. As a top management consultancy, Santiago is well aware of the importance of statistical data analysis and how companies can use it to improve their own market position.

Santiago Advisors has been advising companies worldwide since 2009 on the design and implementation of high-performance growth strategies and the necessary organizational concepts. Through close involvement and intensive cooperation, Santiago accompanies corporate groups and medium-sized companies, primarily in the pharmaceutical, medical technology and chemical industries, in the implementation of initiatives for further development.