Semnare Workshops PR Agentur WORDUP


13. June 2016

Workshop “Basics of Press Relations” at McKinsey Munich

Twelve companies and organizations from the social sector had invited the renowned company consultancy McKinsey to their Munich office in June to offer free further training measures for company projects with the scope of non-profit projects.

WORDUP PR Managing Director Achim von Michel had been asked to design the day on the subject of “press work”. “What is the difference between press work and advertising,” “how actually work journalists,” “what is a” boilerplate “,” how to write a professional press release”, “how to build a good distribution list ” were some of the practical exercises and practical questions of the participants. As a result, the approximately 20 visitors of the Social Café received the basic tools for a successful press work, which is perceived by journalists as professional and interesting in the editorial departments, and in this way makes you curious about the various topics of social entrepreneurship and social commitment.

“In this way we would like to thank you very much again for the informative and interesting workshop,” wrote Elisabeth von Medem-Stadler, Head of the Power Child office in Munich, an organization which has been protecting children and adolescents since 2002 against sexual violence. The other participants also returned to their sites with new, practically implementable PR knowledge and will now ensure that their committed concerns are heard in large media target groups.