European Unitary Patent Anaqua


7. June 2022

The dream of the European unitary patent

Almost ten years ago, 24 European countries signed an agreement on the introduction of the Unified Patent Court (UPC). Upon its implementation, the UPC is to replace the national patent courts of its contracting members and thus become the supreme authority with regard to patent-related legal issues. As a result the dream of a European unitary patent is getting closer and could soon become reality.

However, the ratification of the project has been enormously delayed over the last years. With the successful approval of the Austrian Parliament in early 2022, the plan to harmonize patent law is actually taking shape. Thus, provisional application now allows the creation of the UPC as an independent international organization.

But what does the introduction of the UPC and consequently the European Unitary Patent mean for new patent applications in the near future? Which patents will then be valid in which countries? What do domestic and non-European patent owners have to consider? Our client Anaqua answers these and other questions in the debate magazine “The European” and thus offers an exciting insight into all aspects of the European Unitary Patent.

As a software developer, the US company can provide deep insights into the features and benefits of the UPC and the European Unitary Patent. WORDUP PR has been advising and supporting Anaqua in its press relations as well as in the planning and execution of expert events on intellectual property topics since 2016.